Choosing Pet & Kid Friendly Furniture Choices

Two of our favorite family members in our homes are our pets and children, yet both of them tend to leave a path of destruction behind, especially when it comes to our beloved furniture. For many homeowners the process of choosing the right type of pet and kid-friendly furniture can be a challenge. Depending on your family lifestyle, how much traffic your pets and kids produce, as well as your design preference can be factors to help you decide. Before you think you can’t have any nice looking furniture due to your destructive kids and pets, look at these tips to help you decide.

neutral interiors for kids and pets
What is the best furniture for your home with kids and pets?

Choosing the right material:  

Many furniture materials help resist stains and fur a lot better than others. For easy cleanup, leather is often a good choice because food stains and fur can slide right off. If you are a cat owner or if have animals with claws however, leather can be ruined by scratches and could be a disadvantage for many pet owners. If your children like to use ballpoint pens or markers, leather can be hard remove certain types of ink. Cloth materials such as micro-fiber for its tight weave characteristics, as well as tweed are excellent for repelling stains and are easy to clean if they do need it.

pet interiors cat friendly
Upholstery, leather, micro-fiber, which is best for your household?

Choose colorful patterned furniture styles:

Another great way to keep on top of your kids and pets is to camouflage many of the stains that happen on a daily basis. While the goal is not to hide stains, but rather draw less attention to the problem, until you can get your furniture cleaned! Patterned and darker colored materials are ideal as textile selections for your interiors. Large and bold print fabric are ideal for home’s that have toddlers or pets that are always on the go, and dropping food, sippy cups, and pet treats throughout your home.  Think through the lifestyle of your home, the age of your children, and the behavior of your pets when choosing your furniture.

pet interiors patterns furniture
Choose furniture with patterns and colors to hide everyday stains by kids and pets

Designate an area that is just for them:

While the concept of keeping your children or pets in just one area of your home is unrealistic, you still can create a unique living area with their own pet bed or children’s furniture that may become more appealing than the adult furniture. Pet beds have come a long way in recent years, and now are available in designer brands, right along with the regular sofas and chairs at your local furniture store. Children’s furniture stores offer comfortable recliners and table and chair sets that your kids may enjoy just a little better than your Queen Anne chair!

kid pet friendly slip covers furniture
Slipcovered furniture is a great alternative to upholstery and is machine washable
pet friendly interiors flooring
Create a space just for your pet or kids

Before you think that your home has to have old furniture due to your kids or pets, think again – you can have beautiful furniture with these helpful tips. Assess the lifestyle of your family and pets, and then determine what type of materials, and textile patterns and textures are best for your home. After all, our kids and pets are what make our houses the beautiful homes we love to retreat to everyday!

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