Choose The Best Material For Your Metal Backsplash

Metal backsplashes are a quite popular option in the kitchen, especially in those that have modern and contemporary interior designs. A metal backsplash can be a unique focal point and it’s also a very functional option. It’s easy to clean and it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. But there are several options to choose from when you decide which material to use. Here are some of the most popular ones along with the advantages and disadvantages that come with using them.

Copper backsplashes.

Brass kitchen backsplash
For a cohesive décor, match the copper backsplash with similar textures, finishes and colors

A copper backsplash would look best in a kitchen with a retro interior design. It’s a soft material and it’s easy to mold and texture. Copper is also a lightweight material and this makes it easy to install. It’s a great option for a DIY project. You can install it in tiles or in a single sheet. A copper backsplash is also easy to clean but it’s prone to discoloration over time. It also rusts easy and this doesn’t make it easy to maintain.

Stainless steel backsplashes.

Brass kitchen backsplash
A stainless steel installed in small tiles becomes an eye-catching focal point

Stainless steel is probably the best material to use for a metal backsplash. It’s durable, resistant to heat, easy to clean and easy to maintain since it doesn’t rust. Moreover, stainless steel backsplashes are versatile and available in a variety of shades. They can be installed in a single sheet for a minimalist look in the case of modern and contemporary kitchens or in tiles.

Brass backsplashes.

Brass kitchen backsplash
A tiles brass backsplash has a unique classical charm that can’t be recreated with other materials

Brass is not exactly a great material to use for a backsplash. It’s not easy to clean, it rusts easily and require constant maintenance. Nevertheless, it’s quite popular and brass backsplashes have a unique charm. They are suitable for kitchens that have a classical interior design. If you opt for a brass backsplash you should know that it will need to be polished constantly and it will require a lot of work to keep clean. An advantage would be that it offers the possibility to be printed, stamped or given a sharp sheen, options that other materials don’t offer.

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