How to Choose the Right Dining Room Chairs

Dining room chairs can be trendy and traditional, so open your imagination. Here are some tips on choosing the right dining room chair design and not being afraid to step out of the box.

Add a Touch of Old to Your Modern Look.

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Vintage Chairs Settle on Character

In a modern setting, one of the most powerful décor staples is a flair for something vintage. Cherner chairs are an example of how a flash from the past (in this case the 1950s) can become an interesting design in a contemporary dining room. A unique chair style prevents the room from becoming boring any time soon.

Eclectic and Fun.

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It’s the Décor Version of Musical Chairs

Mix and match different chair styles, even considering completely different types of seating. For instance, you could add a bench to the mix for a stylish and eclectic idea. A good tip when matching various styles of chairs is to find something that unites at least some of the chairs to the table. For instance, a dark wooden chair can match the dark wooden table.

Match a Different Décor Item.

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Create a Color Code

Another good tip when ensuring your dining chairs work well with the specific room’s décor is to match the chairs in color to something else in the room. This could be yellow chairs that match cheerful yellow pendant lights, for example. The colors do not have to match exactly: a bit of contrast works well.

Traditional with Something Extra.

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Give Traditional Chairs a New Thought

You can have the traditional set of dining room chairs, but give them an updated look. Plaid is a pattern that is back in fashion, and it looks lovely without losing its classic appeal when used in dining room chairs.

Round or Oval-inspired Shapes.

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Round Shapes are Trendy

Choose dining room chairs that are of a different shape to suit your room better. Round or oval shapes work wonderfully with round tables, plus these can be matched with other shapes in the room to create balance.

Add a Wild Card.

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End Chairs are the Perfect Place for Décor

Make the head of table chairs match each other, leaving the rest of the chairs in a different design. This is highly effective as an update to your chair set, plus it can help to evoke a certain mood you wish to achieve.

Green armchairs yellow walls
Irrespective of Your Décor Style, End Chairs Create Effect

For instance, you can bring a contrast in pattern and style that creates effortless elegance in the room.

Keep it Casual.

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Choose Dining Room Chairs According to Your Style

If you have designed your living space according to a laid-back, or even beach-inspired design, then you can make the dining room much more casual with the addition of neutral tones as well as wicker chairs. This is the perfect spot to enjoy meals and family time, no black tie required!

Play with Height.

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Tall and Short Chairs Work Well Together

Dining chairs are a good way to integrate proportion or contrast in the room. Choose chairs that come in different heights to create an interesting layout. Taller end chairs can have an extra function: they help to fill the space in a large room, while creating visual flow with their shorter counterparts.

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