Chinese Stool from Room and Board

The Oriental culture and civilization have a long tradition behind and they have been a source of inspiration for people around the world in many fields, including art, but also … furniture design. For example this beautiful Chinese Stool from Room and Board is inspired from the way Chinese people used to make their stools out of wood and looks incredibly nice in any home, whether it has modern furniture, vintage or even a collection of antiquities. You can see the unusual shape of the stool seating, which is specific to Chines antique chairs and which is quite interesting in my opinion. Then there are two legs instead of four as we were used to see. And they are made of boards, so rather wide, connected with a short thinner stick for stability. But the overall result is great.



Since the Chinese had used this kind of chair , they know better how to make one, so the item is manufactured in China. They used hardwood for that, respecting the way they did it centuries ago. Then they applied some layers of lacquer in order to provide the nice and shiny finish the stool needs for a better look. And finally they got it for sale on the Internet for $249.