Chill out with American-Style Refrigerators from Maytag

Give your kitchen a classic look with the new Maytag Glass Line American-Style Refrigerators. In the general the focal point of an all American kitchen is its refrigerator. It is generally the most easily accessible appliance or storage device of a kitchen. It is usually in full view, so why not get a really attractive refrigerator for the kitchen??

Maytag glass line side by sideView in gallery

Now you can give your refrigerator a classic as well as a new-age look with the cool new Maytag Glass Line American-Style Refrigerators. These refrigerators are built like the classic double-door refrigerators of yesteryears with a modern outlook. Style and functionality go hand in hand with these refrigerators from Maytag. The refrigerators have stainless steel and black glass doors with shiny steel handles. These refrigerators have double-doors and are very spacious and vary in capacity depending on the size of the model you have opted for. So go get them now!!