Childrens table with 2 chairs

I love the kids room because every time I go in there I feel like Gulliver in Lilliput, the land of little people. All the furniture is made according to their size, so that they can use it and enjoy it without making efforts to reach the chair, the table or find what they need situated on high shelves. So if you want to avoid unpleasant accidents that can appear because of the over-sized furniture, make their own furniture very small or small enough for them. This Children’s table with 2 chairs has the perfect size for children between three and ten years of age. The chairs are perfect for the table and they are all made of pine wood.

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The table is 22 inches wide and also high and 32 inches long. The chairs are less wide, but a bit higher, about 26 inches. If you want to make more room there you can stack the chairs easily , as their shape and design allows it. The furniture is sturdy , but perfectly safe for the kids because the edges are not sharp and the table and the chairs are all sanded. The sets are available in many colours (Pink , Black, off-white, and red) but you can contact the manufacturer for further options, because this furniture is made on demand. You can purchase this items for $90.