Chicago 8 Box Storage Shelves

Sometimes your house is simply not fit for a bookcase, especially today when most young people read e-books and they also use DVDs and Blu-ray discs. So it’s more useful to have a storage shelf instead where to place both books and some other items you need to store or when you simply need to place some nice decorations on display in your living room. I think these beautiful Chicago 8 Box storage shelves are perfect for every modern house.

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This fine piece of furniture is made of eight storage shelves that actually look like boxes combined with shelves. They are displayed in three rows: two of them with three shelves and one with two shelves. They are displayed in an irregular pattern, which only makes them very cool and have a modern design. The shelves are made of wood and they seem to be floating, as they are linked by some tubular steel legs that are powder-coated. The piece of furniture is manufactured by Blu Dot and it is now available in cherry, graphite-on-oak, maple and white oak for $1,799.