The Zarina Baby armchair collection

Armchairs are very comfortable piece of furniture. They usually have compact forms and they tend to take quite a lot of floor space. However, sometimes a living room is not the same without a stylish armchair. Zarina Baby is the type of armchair that would fit in any type of décor and would make a stunning addition to any room.

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The Zarina Baby armchair is part of the Design Collection. It was created by Cesare Cassina for Adele-C. It’s a very stylish upholstered armchair. It features a wooden frame entirely covered by fabric. The only visible parts are the feet which are small and sleek. The armchair also features polyurethane stuffing, this making it a very soft and comfortable piece of furniture. The armchair has a high back with beautiful stitching and a simple but elegant pattern.

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This stylish armchair is available with fabric covering and it comes in multiple color combinations. All the models are chic and feature a modern design with a traditional touch. The Zarina Baby armchair would make an elegant addition to the living room, regardless of the décor. It could also be useful in any other space as long as there’s enough space and it suits the user’s needs. The goose-feather cushions definitely make it a very comfortable piece. The design is also supporting this idea.