Chic Washbasin By Francesco Lucchese

The bathroom is a place to experience a fresh start or a restful pampering. You begin and end each day in your bathroom. Form and functionality play a special role. Over the past few years the bathroom has evolved into a personal relaxation room for many people. It is a space that is fully fitted to reflect your personal needs.

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Keeping this in mind, we would like to present you a wall washbasin designed by Francesco Lucchese. This simple and luxurious sink can offer different compositions and personalized solutions such as a simple suspended washbasin, a half-built-in with a lacquered shelf, a washbasin equipped with holders. Moreover the revolving lid allows you to have a supporting top combining functionality and room availability. Also its height allows you to hide the technical parts, while guaranteeing the piece cleaning, regardless its use.

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This lovely washbasin comes in a white Cistalplant or colored Corian. It is sleek, simple and can give your bathroom a hint of color, a unique flavor. It is very modern and also, a great feature to any home. The luxury provided by a washbasin of this type gives you a sense of freedom, don’t you think? Would you like one for your space?

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