Chic veranda cuddle chair

Part of the same collection as the classic wicker chaise we’ve presented in a separate article, this chic veranda cuddle chair was made of the same material, which is excursions wicker. The chair was designed to be very comfortable and it features a beautiful silhouette, with curved lines and an otherwise simple design.

Design Select Veranda Cuddle Chair

The dimensions of this chair are 40’’ height x 54’’ width x 45’’ depth. Even though it’s made of wicker, the chair was designed for indoor use only, the same as all the other pieces from the same collection, including sofas, benches, ottomans, armchairs, dining chairs, coffee tables and many others. Also, anther fact that is applicable to all the other products from the same collection, this chair can be customized with your choice of fabric and color.

You can browse through the large variety of fabrics and choose the one that you like best. Next you can also choose your favorite color from the wide range of pastel tones, vibrant tones, combinations of colors or prints. There are several different prints available, including floral prints, animal prints, colored lines, geometrical shapes. They are available in combinations of colors. This cuddle chair is not called like that for nothing. It’s a very comfortable and cozy piece of furniture and it would beautifully integrate in just about nay décor.Available here.