Chic Sleep: What Your Bedding Says About You

Bedrooms are typically a private retreat in a home, a space seen by relatively few people. How we choose to decorate our own bedrooms really illustrates our core decorating style. And even more powerful than the aesthetic of the bedroom itself, the bedding we choose is practically a tell-all. Here are some examples of bedding and what we can assume (pretty accurately, I might add) about the people who live and sleep there:

Neutral Comfort.

Elegant bedroom

With its soft, neutral color palette, this bed reflects a fairly reserved yet worth-knowing personality. An emphasis on texture and quality shows that the bed owner is anything but bland! A soft, textured coverlet invites him to comfortable sleep, and a casual throw at the foot of the bed hints that this is, indeed, a genuine place of rest rather than a staged bed. Subtle details, such as the textured euro shams and the soft blue-and-cream animal print lumbar pillow, bespeak quality.

Eclectic Vibrant.

Elegant bedroom

The person who sleeps in this eclectic bed must have a colorful personality and outlook on life; she unabashedly loves what she loves. Warm colors are a unifying theme, and a fun mix of prints of varying sizes and styles makes each component important to the overall whole. For being such a small bed, an overabundance of pillows shows the bed owner seeks tactile comfort as she embraces the individuality within herself…as well as everyone she meets. (And did you notice the plush cream clock pillow on the wall?!)

Playful Femininity.

Elegant bedroom

This detailed yet substantial black four poster bed is perfectly balanced with delicately detailed bedding. Bright orangey-reds are used playfully here, slightly muted by the pairing with white. Feminine and delicate prints that resemble lace and floral geometry are balanced with simple, traditional details like white sheets and small striped red trim on the pillow shams. The red color packs a powerful yet sweet punch on the pleated trim on the two decorative throws, and I can’t help but love how they tie in with the tomato-colored bedside lamps and wallpaper print.
Moody Simplicity.

Elegant bedroom

The exposed original brick wall here, coupled with high ceilings, creates a massive impact and feeling of sheer space in this dramatic bedroom. Despite these historic elements, the bedding (and bed itself) is surprisingly, and delightfully, modern. The headboard-free platform bed with monochromatic charcoal grey bedding is a perfect juxtaposed touch in this space. The owner here has a minimalist aesthetic, but each item itself is sumptuous, making the space feel totally and utterly complete.

Traditional Classic.

Elegant bedroom

Don’t be fooled by the strict white-and-neutral-brown color palette here. Plush , crisp bedding atop an equally plush tufted sleigh bed frame exudes a timeless sense of softness and comfort. Because the rest of the room is decorated tastefully in brown (with an eye on textured detail to keep things interesting), all-white bedding with a simple, classic brown trim stripe shows understated sophistication and a love of quality.

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