Chic-Shape: Using Octagons in Home Decor

When it comes to adding unique details to a space, most of us will probably immediately of color and texture. The truth is, those are excellent ways to personalize one’s décor, but there are other equally impactful ways as well. Consider the use of unexpected shapes, like the octagon, for example. An octagonal table of any color (or any non-color, for that matter!) is a sure-fire way to showcase individuality and style. Here are a few ways one could use octagons (and other unique shapes) to amp up the chic factor of their space:


Tiles bathroom floor

The “fifth wall” is often overlooked for decorating possibilities, but this octagon ceiling certainly stands out. And, amazingly, it’s a DIY octagon pattern that’s done with nailhead trim. The relatively simple touch adds tons of character, personality, and impact to this white-ceilinged space for very little cost. (Note: Although ceiling makeovers aren’t for the faint-of-heart DIYers, this project provides enough “wow” factor that it would make it worth it.)


Tiles bathroom floor

No one could argue the distinct décor taste (with exclamation points) that exudes from this neutral, earthy, industrial-chic space. The play off of a variety of shapes is charming and effective. Circles found on the mirrors, the coffee table’s iron casters, decorative wooden floor sphere, and even the lamp head lend a bit of softness to the masculine vibe. Right-angles are apparent in the throw pillows, the coffee table itself, window treatments, and even the rug. Most eye-catching, however, is the chunky octagonal mirror – a stand-out neutral piece here.

Bar Table.

Tiles bathroom floor

Nestled within a combination gloss-white and dark-wood contemporary kitchen, this glass octagonal bar table does the impossible: it stands on its own two feet, stylistically. The thick glass is modern and sleek, while the shape is interesting and neither modern nor traditional – simply unique and delightful. A touch of personality, particularly in ultra-modern spaces such as this one, is always a welcome style choice!

End Table.

Tiles bathroom floor

This shabby chic number was once a painfully dated honey-toned octagonal end table. With a little wood stain, white paint, and some glaze, the newly antiqued piece now looks perfectly imperfect. I think the shape itself is perfect as an end table, nestled next to a rectangular sofa it adds a functional surface along with a little bit of spice and visual interest, what with all those angles and sides. And the detailing on the doors is perfection.


Tiles bathroom floor

Of course, if you’re so in love with octagons that you want them permanently residing in your home, perhaps flooring is the way to go. These octagonal tiles are a charming way to add character and style, even in an all-white space. Details such as the wainscot and claw-foot tub continue the traditional style throughout the bathroom. But, for me, the octagon tiled floor is what puts this room over the top in charm and appeal.

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