Chic Restaurant Interior Design by Sandra Tarruella Studio

When we go out to a restaurant we have to think about its location, service, food and, why not, comfort. I think many of us would like a restaurant that feels like home, but which is outside our comfort zone. Such a place is the Chiringuito Pez Vela Restaurant in the W Hotel Barcelona.

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Designed by Sandra Tarruella Studio this place is a luxurious and contemporary dining area that offers fine food and excellent service. The hotel in which this restaurant stands is located beachfront along the Barcelona boardwalk. The amazing restaurant takes full advantage of the incredible surroundings and scenery, placing itself at the core of the hotel in order to ensure the customers enjoy their meals in a calming environment.

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The designers have chosen furniture that looks and feels comfortable, so that you are immersed in a soothing, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The use of bright colors gives it flavor, while the natural materials bring a further dimension to the restaurant. The modern furnishings are completed by a sleek and complete finish.

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The Chiringuito Pez Vela Restaurant is a hip, modern place that offers you the finest food and drinks while setting the scene for a contemporary and casual diner. It’s a place you wouldn’t want to cross out your “what to see list” when visiting Barcelona.