Chic Paper Pot by Ai Collection

Tissue paper holders are such a basic item that we don’t even pay attention to them. We usually use the one they come in with. However, sometimes those items don’t really match with chic decors so an alternative needed to be created. Now it’s finally here, a modern and chic tissue paper holder. The Paper Pot was designed by Ai Collection and it’s made of ABS.

Paper pot white1

The piece measures W6.8″ x H6.7″, center tube: W6.2″xD1.2″. It has such a simple design that it seems perfect for tissue papers. Its cute and delicate shape is both simple and eye-catching. It’s a refreshing decoration and it comes in several different colors including white, orange, blue, green, pink, even black. There are also combinations of colors available but you would have to buy two and mix the color yourself.

This is an item that combines functionality with delicacy of a chic design. It’s a modern Paper Pot, an item that would finally integrate into basically any type of décor. It was designed for the use of both toilet paper and tissue paper and it can be used anywhere: in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, playroom, etc. This cute Paper Pot is available for the price of only $40. It would make a great house warming gift as well as a practical addition to your personal home.