Chic McIntyre Table Lamp

If your home needs a subtle but eye-catching piece, you can always try a lamp. The McIntyre table lamp would be a very good choice is this case. It’s not the design that makes it special but the combination of odd materials. The base of the lamp was made by hand from recycled rubber and it has a very distinguished look. Every one of them is unique. The lampshade was made of leather, an uncommon material for a lamp.

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Even though it might look like a regular table lamp, the McIntyre table lamp is quite big so you might not be able to place it on your small desk for example. That’s why you first need to make sure you have enough space and to find a nice location for it before purchasing the lamp. It comes with a complimentary energy efficient globe like all the other table and floor lamps offered by this company.

The McIntyre table lamp measures 55CM DIAM X 75CM H so you see now that it’s probably bigger than you have imagined. Because each piece is hand made, you can expect a delivery time of approximately 2 weeks. This particular lamp comes in black and this contributes to its dramatic look. It would make a beautiful statement piece in a living room for example. You can buy it for $495.00.