Chic loft in Paris Featuring A Industrial-Danish Design

There are certain things that are specific to each culture. Sometimes we don’t even realize it but for foreigners they are very visible. These elements are not striking, meaning that they can be very small things and details but they have something that makes you think of a certain culture or a certain region. Take this apartment for example. It’s a chic loft and even if you haven’t seen the work “Paris” in the title you would have probably noticed the specific style.

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One thing that I’ve noticed in several French interiors are those storage units, those wall-mounted structure with all sorts of cubicles of different shapes and sizes. I don’t know why but French people seem to like those. I guess they are pretty functional and they simple enough to match their style. Other elements that could describe this place would be the white walls, ceilings and even floors and the minimalist furniture.

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The loft is situated on the third floor of a building and it covers a surface of 60 square meters. It’s a relatively small place so some tricks were necessary to at least make it seem bigger. One of them was the use of the white. Another one was related to the sliding door that helped gain some more ground space. The apartment could be defined by two words: white and wood. These are the main elements that could characterize it. It’s a simple décor but it’s also elegant and chic.{found here}