Stylish Ways To Revive An Old Stool Using A Small Budget

Stools are quite handy whenever you need an extra seat, not to mention that they’re great for bars or kitchen islands. Seeing a good stool become old and ugly is sad but definitely not hopeless. An old stools can be restored or you can choose to give it a makeover if you want to change its look. All the stools featured in this article have been the subject of a makeover and they all look wonderful.

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The stools featured on dottieangel are especially charming. If you want one that looks just as beautiful, you’ll have to start with a stool that has a flat wooden top. You’ll also need some paint, wallpaper or stickyback plastic, mod podge and some vintage decals. Paint the stool if necessary and then cover the top with wallpaper or plastic and then add the decals.

Paint makeover stool

A simpler way of reviving an old stool is by painting it. Sometimes just painting the whole stool the same color can be enough to change its look. However, there are also other methods you can use. For example, you can have the top and the tips of the legs painted a different color from the rest of the stool. The combination of silver and blue suggested on emilyfranceschini is really beautiful.

brush stroke art stool

When painting the stool, you can create any design you want. For example, check out the idea on deliciousanddiy. Tape was used to create a geometric design and then the different-colored lines were just free-handed using a brush. You can have a lot of fun creating all sorts of interesting designs using the brush stroke technique. You could also just improvise.

Kids play chair

Stencils can also be used when painting a stool. You could have a custom design highlighted on the seat just as suggested by the project on hellowonderful. To get the look described here you’ll need paint brushes, contact paper, a stencil, some tape, an x-acto knife, an unfinished stool, paint and clear wood varnish spray. Tape off the ends of the legs and paint the rest in the color of your choice. Remove the tape. Print the stencil on contact paper and cut out the letters. Stick it over the top of the stool and apply white paint.

rustic wood stool

For the project on julieblanner all you’ll need is the base of a stool so it would be perfect if you have a stool with a damaged top or a chair in a similar situation. You will need a wood plaque which looks like a wood slice, stain, a hammer, a drill and glue. Mark the diameter of each leg onto the wood plaque and then drill the corresponding holes. Stain it and adhere it to the stool base with glue.

Thrifted wood stool makeover

In addition to painting or staining the stool, you can also make it more comfortable. You’re going to need some foam and fabric for this part of the project. A staple gun and mod podge would also be useful. First sand the legs of the stool and then paint them. Trace the top onto foam and cut it out. Glue the foam to the top of the stool. Cover it with fabric and staple the fabric onto the top. Trim off the excess. You can find additional details about this project on morenascorner.

old pairs of skis and a stool

In case you have some old pairs of skis and a stool that needs a makeover, check out the idea offered by sandrabrundell. You’d have to cut the skies and to use the front portions to make a new seat for the stool. You’ll have to use a drill, screws and some paint if you also want a change of color. Don’t forget to sand the edges smooth.

Magazine stools

All these makeover projects are interesting but what if you don’t have a stool? Well, you could make one. We found a perfect tutorial for that on whimzeecal. To make the stool you’ll need a stack of magazines, a leather belt, a screwdriver, a plywood panel, four caters and some screws. Screw the casters onto the plywood, stack the magazines on top and strap them down with the belt. You can add a pillow to the top for increased comfort.