Chic And Colorful Desk Chair Makeovers For DIY Lovers

The main problem with desk chairs is that they start to look old and worn out before there’s anything else wrong with them. Naturally, we want to somehow revive them and make them look nice again so we can continue using them. This can also be done if the office chair just doesn’t match the décor of the room or if you get bored with its design.


If you have a chair with a removable backrest, reupholstering or covering the seat with some new fabric is really easy. All you need is fabric and a staple gun. The backrest can pose a few problems. But you can easily solve them all by choosing to make a cover which you can just slip over the backrest. You’ll find a more detailed description of a similar transformation on inmyownstyle.

Office chair makeover from leather to textile

Leather upholstered office chairs can start to look pretty bad at some point. They can turn out to be less comfortable than a chair with fabric upholstery. If you want, you can change its look and cover it with brand new fabric. You’ll have to take it apart so you can reupholster the seat, backrest and armrests. If you want, you can preserve some of the original details such as the nail head trim featured on confessionsofaserialdiyer.

Desk chair makeover design

The difficulty of the makeover project is related to the design of the chair you want to reupholster. For example, one similar to the chair featured on oursouthernhomesc would be pretty easy to work with, given the size and shape of the seat and backrest and the system used to keep them together. The supplies needed for the transformation include fabric, scissors, a stapler, a poster board, adhesive spray, a glue gun, upholstery tacks and a hammer.


Office makeover with spray paint

But fabric isn’t your only option. You can also use paint to change the look of your old office chair. This idea is described on dreamaliitlebigger where you’ll also find a tutorial for a makeover. You’ll need a chair with vinyl seat and backrest, vinyl paint, rusty metal primer and gold spray paint as well as some tape. You can simply paint the chair a different color or you can use a stencil to create a pattern.


Holstering a chair is easier than you think and you can do it for just about any kids of chair, even a simple and vintage one such as the one featured on allthingsthrifty. This is a wooden chair which was covered in fabric. You can also choose to add some foam to make the seat more comfortable. You’ll also need spray paint for the frame, mod podge and fabric. The fabric is glued to the seat and backrest and then carefully trimmed.