7 Easy And Inspiring Ways To Revive An Old Chair

This is not the first time we tacks chair makeovers and that’s because they can be so incredibly simple it would be a shame to not at least try it once. Surely you can find an old chair that you don’t really like but which could still be salvaged if you put your mind to it. So how about you do that right now? To encourage you, we’ve prepared a set of seven similar projects, all showing how easy it is to give a chair a makeover and to change its look from bland to chic.

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If you think the transformation is too complex and that the chair requires a bit more than a new color to look beautiful again, you don’t have to do it all yourself. A good example is the project we found on lauriejoneshome. The chair was old and ugly but some spray paint, some extra batting and new fabric gave it a completely new look. It was also taken to a professional to be reupholstered. If you want, you can try this part at home.

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A lot of chairs have drop seats and if these start to look ugly or to lose integrity you can easily take them out and give them a quick makeover. Here’s what you’ll need for such a project: a staple gun, webbing, foam, glue and fabric. The first thing you’ll need to do is remove the old fabric, stuffing and webbing. You’ll only need the frame. After that, attach the new webbing with a staple gun. Glue the foam onto the frame and then place it face down on the fabric. Wrap the fabric and staple it in place as shown on sweetlivingmagazine.

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Traditional dining chairs such as the one featured on craftsbycourtney are easy to recover. The frame can be painted and that would definitely change the chair’s entire look. The seat can be covered in some new fabric and that would be the finishing touch. The first step is to prep the chair. Take the seat off and paint the frame. Apply two coats and let it dry. Then distress the chair with sandpaper to get a vintage look. Cover the seat with new fabric and put it back on.

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Some old chairs may have ugly fabric upholstery but the frame could actually look pretty nice. As a result, you can easily transform the chair. You can check out cuckoo4design for an inspiring example. As you can see, the old fabric didn’t look that great but the frame was in good shape. After removing the old fabric, the seat and backrest were covered in black and white stripes. The new look is very chic as well as timeless.

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If you want to recondition an old vinyl chair, things are pretty simple actually. You’ll need lightweight fabric, spray paint, mod podge, varnish, a paintbrush, tape and some plastic bags. The whole process is described on abeautifulmess. Clean the chair and cover the legs with plastic bags and tape. Then spray paint the seat and backrest. When it’s dry, cut out pieces of fabric, coat the chair with mod podge and adhere the fabric, making sure to get rid of any creases. Trim the excess and cover the fabric with mod podge.

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Armchairs are not that different. If you want to change the look of one, you can use the idea offered on sugarandcloth. The materials needed for the project include an old fabric chair, a foam brush, fabric paint and gold spray paint. The spray paint is for the legs. Remove them, paint them and put them back on. Then remove the seat cushion and paint it with peach half circles. Repeat for the backrest. Then add some gold dots.

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You can also give your old office chair a makeover. Such a transformation is described on abeautifulmess. The base of the chair was painted gold and then the seat was covered with blush faux fur. The faux fur was placed over the chair and then cut into pieces. After that, the new cover was created and placed over the seat and backrest. A staple gun makes this part very simple.