How To Update Your Laundry Room With A Chic DIY Hamper

It’s about time you changed something about your laundry room. This may be a utilitarian space but this doesn’t mean it can be ignored. Style applies to everything. Don’t have a separate room just for doing laundry? The next DIY projects don’t really require one because they have to do with hampers. Everyone uses laundry hampers so let’s see how you can make one yourself.


Building a laundry hamper is easy especially if you like simple designs. You can make one for under $20 if you follow this tutorial. You’re going to need a circular piece of wood, wire fencing, wire cutters, a stapler or screws and four small casters. You can paint or stain the wood circle and then seal it. After that, roll out the wire fencing and wrap it around the wood circle. Cut it and bend it a little bit under the wood. You can use a stapler or screws to secure the pieces together. Then add the casters.

Laundry makeover hamper

If you like to sort your laundry then you’ll need more than a single hamper. Make as many as you need and hang them from wall hooks. You’ll need a fabric laundry bag for each hamper as well as a hanger and a hook. To make the hampers maintain their shape, you can sew them around a hanger and perhaps even make a thin frame around the top. Label each bag. You can use a marker or a needle and thread. {found on thepinjunkie}.

Laundry drawers for storage

You can also sort your laundry in different containers hidden inside a cabinet. You can have a custom drawer designed just for them. The drawer would only need a front panel and individual frames that hold up the containers. This system makes it easy to organize and sort the laundry and then to take it out and put it in the dishwasher.

Pallets laundry room storage

To make a freestanding frame for two individual laundry bags, you can use recycled wood pallets. You can cut a pallet in two to make the sides and then another two sections for the front and back. Of course, you could also make this from scratch using wood boards.

granny shopping cart laundry

Recycling can be both fun and practical and there are lots of good ideas you can use for this type of projects. For example, in case you have one of these old shopping carts, you can turn it into a laundry hamper by simply adding a large fabric bag inside. The idea is great because the cart already has wheels and a handle so you can easily move it around. Found out more about this on hometalk.

Hamper pillowcase

A pillowcase hamper is another simple and stylish idea you can use. To make something like this you’ll require some wood boards, two pillowcases, screws and glue. Cut the wood pieces to size according to the instructions on build-basic. Then build the frames according to the dimensions of the pillows. Next, add the legs and base supports. At the end, add the two pillowcases.

industrial laundry hamper

Industrial-style laundry hampers don’t really require a lot of work. In fact, you can just repurpose a metal trash can and call it a hamper. For added character, add a wood bottom piece and casters to make the hamper more practical and easy to carry around. You can see the transformation on theshabbycreekcottage.

Trash cabinet for laundry room

Some people don’t want their laundry hampers to be out where everyone can see them. In such a case, a solution can be to hide the hamper in a small cabinet that would look right at home anywhere in the house. It’s possible to build the whole cabinet from scratch but it would be a lot simpler to modify an existing one so it can accommodate a laundry basket inside. You can find some inspiration on bydawnnicole.

tilt out wood trash cabinet

The same principle of a tilt cabinet door is featured on ana-white. This is actually a trash bin cabinet transformed to accommodate a laundry hamper. The idea is pretty great actually and you’d only have to make a few small changes. It’s possible to not even require any changes if the dimensions are right.