Chevrolet Corvette Inspired Desk

After V8 Hotel in Germany, now here is the Chevrolet Corvette desk. Car inspired furniture pieces are grate altternative for those who love cars and cannot afford an old vechicle. This desk is made from highest grade materials and can be resemble the rear end of any car you desire. Also every desk can be customized to come with solid wood construction; handmade billet aluminum engraved knobs, as well as a paint finish of your choice.

Corvette inspired desk

If you love so much cars, this desk is definitely the best choice for folks who don’t have the money to waste on the real cars as their price range is just between $1950 and $3100.

If you’re a parent and especially if you have a little boy then you can see how this hotel is so special. Almost every boy has a passion for cars or robots, sometimes both since the transformers. And most of them dream of having a car but they are too little for that so instead they dreams about a bed shaped like a car. And there are several designs like this, but I really think that this one is the most accurate.

But there’s also another option, in case that one is not possible. So instead they could have a car desk, like this one. The design is very accurate and I’m sure your little boy would love it. It’s a great way of making homework seem like fun.