Cherry Wood Plant Stand

When it is summer is very easy to keep your plants outdoors, on the porch or even on the balcony if you live in a flat. But once autumn comes and the weather gets colder and colder, you have to take all your plants inside in order to protect them from cold weather. Well, it is not so easy to find the right spot for every flower pot because not all the corners in your house are perfect for this. You can place them by the window, on the shelves, but also on some specially designed plant stands. This Cherry Wood Plant Stand is perfect because it is made of wood and looks great within the general design of your home.

U3KP 01

The plant stand is made of cherry wood, so very beautiful. It has four legs and is pretty tall. It does look like a chair, but it has an intermediate shelf in between, somewhere under the top, so that you can store two plant pots there. It is nice and elegant, made in Maine, USA and having the perfect size for any home and any plant pot (34″ tall). You can easily move it in order to make sure your plant has the proper warmth and light it needs. You can order the item online now for $445.