Cheerful DIY Honeycomb Storage Shelves

I guess everyone of us had tasted some honey bee of any type which has always been a delicious sweet. The bee breeders dedicate most of their time to produce this sweetness. They take care of the construction of the beehives but also of the breeding the bee families. In the woods there also can be found honey, where the bees make their own beehives and this honey usually remains undiscovered by us. Sometimes the bears find it and there is a real pleasure for them to taste it.

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The inventive husband and wife photographers, Sarah and Josh, behind Arrow & Apple created these honeycomb storage shelves which represent a “sweet” and interesting idea.  Books or some other household objects can be placed on these shelves. They are made of recycled materials such as cabinet doors. Their colored and uncolored sides create a cheerful design and they can be made very easily.

All you need is: some wood at least 5” thick and 10” long.(recycled cabinet doors), wood glue, L- brackets and screws, brad nailer with 2” brads, table saw, chop saw and paint.


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Whs diagram

First, clean the wood from hardware if it is necessary before ripping it. Then cut the wood to 5” wide strips and then to 10” long. The angles of each strip are cut to 30 degrees, keeping the long side at 10.Depending on how big you make your shelf, some ends might need to have matching angles rather than opposite angles. You must also be sure to fit all pieces together first, before permanently attaching them. Then apply wood glue to both ends then pin ends together with brads. Once the shelves are assembled, screw the L- brackets into the bottom of four or five of the shelves for good support.{found on designsponge}