Checkerboard Flooring: Timeless Beauty For Any Room Of The House

The floor in a room is a detail that is often taken for granted. However, it’s also an element that can easily become an important part of the décor, an accent detail that can be just the thing the décor needs in order to stand out. Checkerboard flooring is not necessarily associated with a particular style. It’s one of those elements that has a timeless beauty and can be integrated in any type of décor and any room of the house.

In the kitchen.

Entryway checkerboard floor

Checkerboard flooring is quite common in kitchens. In this case, for example, it nicely balances the intensity of the wooden furniture and complements the wall decorations. The black and white combination is simple and always beautiful and it coordinates nicely with the rest of the colors used for this décor.

In the hallway.

Entryway checkerboard floor

This long hall is very beautiful. The arched ceiling and the simplicity of the décor is amazing. The checkerboard flooring adds the texture and pattern that this décor needs in order to stand out and it brings everything together. It’s beautiful that the black and white are only found in the flooring and that the rest of the décor is light and elegant.

On the porch.

Entryway checkerboard floor

A porch is usually invaded by the beauty of the outdoors. However, it also needs its own elements that can make it stand out. In this case, the checkerboard flooring features a nice combination of brown and yellow, warm and simple colors that coordinate beautifully with the red chairs and green plants.

In the dining room.

Entryway checkerboard floor

This traditional dining room is very bright and has an elegant but still casual décor. The large checkerboard floor tiles features a fresh combination of white and blue that provides a nice background for the wooden furniture and patterned armchair. The white walls and large windows complement the décor nicely.

In the bathroom.

Entryway checkerboard floor

Another space where checkerboard flooring is very common and popular is the bathroom. Since this room needs to focus on functionality, there’s not much room for introducing pattern and decorative details. It’s why the floor is a great element that can be used for that purpose. In this bathroom, the black and white checkerboard floor contrast with the pastel green wall and creates a refreshing look.

In the kids’ room.

Entryway checkerboard floor

This traditional kids’ room features a surprisingly simple interior décor. The way the pastel blue walls coordinate with the large checkerboard floor tiles is very beautiful. This creates coherence in the décor while also introducing pattern. The floor is a combination between the blue walls and the white ceiling that is coming together in a simple and elegant way.

The entryway.

Entryway checkerboard floor

It’s important to create a nice first impression right from the entrance. So if you want to create a simple, elegant, timeless décor for your entryway you could opt for black and white checkerboard flooring and a few stylish decorations for the walls. Mirrors are great when you want to create an airy and spacious décor.

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