Stealing Inspiration From Wedding Decor To Beautify Your Home

Finding the perfect wedding décor is a long and difficult process. It takes a lot of time to figure out what the ideal centerpieces and table décor would look like or how to decorate the walls and everything else. Great attention is offered to details. Given all these facts, borrowing inspiration from well-planned wedding designs seems like a great and cheap idea. Let’s see how all of that would work.

Perfect wedding spring table decor

Spring weddings are usually full of color and you can also invite all those fresh and vibrant colors into your home. The table centerpieces featured on We-are-scout are exactly what we’re looking for in such a design. Put together a mix of fresh flowers with different colors, shapes and sizes. Put them in simple cups that also have diverse colors and patterns. You can also add freshness to your home by decorating your light fixtures with flowers, moss and plants.

Hanging flower above the dining table for spring

Since we mentioned this, let’s see how you can make a hanging flower chandelier. Such a feature can be the focal point of your living area and the design featured on We-are-scout can be adapted to suit any season. You can either choose to decorate your existing light fixture or to make something special just for the occasion. You’ll need a hoola hoop, some green paint, a wire hoop, fishing line, green tape, florist wire, fresh jasmine vine and lots of fresh flowers.

DIY flower chandelier for spring

A flower chandelier can also be made using an embroidery hoop, ribbon and fresh or faux flowers. You can find out how to make it by following the instructions on Honestlywtf. You’ll also need lace trim, a plastic ring, floral sheers, a bucket, a glue gun and scissors. The project is quite simple and, although it was envisioned for a wedding, it can also be adapted for a more casual occasion as well.

Gold spray painted bottle

Some wedding decors embrace simplicity and take it to a new level. A good example is the type of table décor which features simple glass bottles turned into vases. But since you want them to stand out, they’re often spray painted gold for weddings. Use this idea to make exquisite vases for your home. You can display them on the dining table as centerpieces or anywhere else you think they might look good. {found on seefoodplay}.

Table setting for spring

Floral centerpieces used at weddings always look perfect and they look like they’re going to last forever. You can have that kind of beauty in your home every day by making similar decorations. Check out Camillestyles for inspiration. It shows you how to use fresh flowers and succulents together with clay pots to get the desired look.

Wine crate with flowers

Centerpieces used at rustic or bohemian weddings are pretty easy to recreate at home. For example, make a simple wooden basket or tray to display fresh flowers in. You can easily make using some paint stir sticks and some staples and then use it as a stylish centerpiece. Inside you can put glass jars filled with seasonal flowers. You can find a detailed tutorial for this project on Build-basic.

Modern DIY Hydrangea Centerpiece

You can actually use a simple wood planter box in a similar way. You can either buy it or make it yourself. You’d need some scrap pieces of wood, nails and a hammer or you can out it together with glue. It would be best for this wooden container to have a plastic liner because you’ll have to put water in it to keep and flowers fresh. {found on apracticalwedding}.

Centerpiece Fall Table

You don’t need rare or expensive flowers to make a beautiful table centerpiece, not even for a wedding. Grocery store flowers will do just fine if you arrange them beautifully. You can find two options on Liagriffith. One includes a wooden planter box just like the one described above and the other uses a vintage container as a vase. Both arrangements were created using chicken wire to make a grid for the flowers.

Make Your Own Lilliputian Dipped Vases

Paint-dipped vases lately became very popular as wedding decorations. They’re really easy to make so there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t also use them at home. Basically you just take a glass bottle or vase and you dip it on paint. Then you put it upside down on a piece of paper and you let it dry. You can use multiple different colors to create stylish combinations such as featured on Weddingbells.

Cool sequined vases

By looking at wedding centerpieces you can find a ton of great ideas which you can apply when making your own home decorations. For example, there are lots of ways in which you can decorate simple glass bottles and jars. One idea is presented on Alyssandcarla. The jars featured here were decorated with sequin trim. All you have to do to get this design right is hot glue the sequin trim to the jar. You could combine two or more colors if you want, although that would be a bit too much.

Romantic table centerpiece
Romantic wedding table centerpiece

One of the first things you notice at a wedding centerpiece is the vase or container in which the flowers are displayed. Someone definitely has to put a lot of time and attention in choosing the right vase. You can borrow inspiration from here for your own dining table centerpieces. Instead of simply putting flowers in a jar or bottle you can try something different like a pedestal vase. Check out Swoonedmagazine for inspiration.

Twine and cans vases

A lot of wedding decors these days try to stay casual and borrow beauty from everyday objects. Repurposing things is also very popular right now. This offers you tons of great design ideas which you can easily adapt for your own home since they won’t look opulent or out of place. For example, find out how to decorate empty cans with twine to make chic flower vases. The project is featured on Rockmywedding.

Tin can flower vases

Tin cans can look surprisingly stylish if you know how to decorate them so it’s so surprise to find them included in wedding decors. You can also make tin can vases for your home using similar design techniques. For example, you can decorate them with old book pages and rope. The idea comes from Valleyandcolifestyle.

Ribbon jars flower vase

Another example of simplicity used at contemporary weddings comes in the form of mason jar vase centerpieces decorated with a simple piece of colored fabric wrapped around them. The design can also be recreated using washi tape, burlap, ribbon and a lot of other options. Pick colors that match the flowers you plan on displaying. You can also mix and match all sorts of colors in order to get the desired look that matches your décor.

Camping themed wedding style - can flower vase

Inspiration can also come from themed-wedding decors. An interesting example is offered on Emmalinebride. Here you can find out how beautiful a galvanized pitcher can be if you use it in the right setting. If you have one of these things at home, bring it out of retirement and turn it into a unique vase.

Bark wedding centerpiece

Of course, nature is our best source of inspiration when it comes to table centerpieces and pretty much everything in general. The wedding centerpiece featured on Belleandchic is easy to make a definitely eye-catching. It looks gorgeous on a wedding table and it can look just as beautiful in your home. You can make something similar by folding birch cortex several times and placing some fresh flowers in between the folds. Tie everything together with rope.

Table wedding number with crushed glass

Wedding centerpieces are sometimes more complex than just a simple vase filled with flowers. In some cases the centerpiece is a collection of items gathered together to form a cohesive whole. You can recreate that look at home. You can put together a small vase with flowers, some spray-painted glass bottles and a glittered ornament all placed inside a tray. {found on inspiredbythis}

Terracotta candle centerpiece

Another stylish collection of items which form an elegant table centerpiece is featured on Evermine. Here, terracotta pots were used as a candle holders and were decorated with ribbon and moss. You can easily make something similar. All these things were placed on a slice of wood which seems to be the element that ties it all together. You should find everything you need at your local store and you can also craft the missing links yourself.

Floral garland for table

Fresh flowers can be used in plenty of other ways as well. Displaying them in vases is definitely easy but it isn’t your only option. For example, you could make a floral garland. Such decorations are often used for wedding tables but they can also be adapted for other occasions. To make the garland you’ll need sharp scissors, floral tape and flowers. You can find some useful hints on DIYs.

Tube vases flower hanging

Test tube vases are quite popular right now so they also started to be used at weddings. Their simplicity and versatility, however, lets them be used in a variety of other settings. For example, hang them from tree branches if you’re decorating your porch or display them on walls inside your home. You can also use them as table centerpieces by placing them inside a custom support. Check out Theknottybride for more details.