Simple And Practical Solutions – DIY Magnetic Key Holders

Remembering where you left your keys – that’s a challenge nobody enjoys but we all have to deal with it from time to time. So how to avoid wasting time like this? Well, being organized would definitely help. A key holder is a really nice accessory, perfect for the entryway. Even better, a magnetic key holder can make your life even easier.


You can turn your light switch cover into a magnetic key holder by simply gluing a magnet on the inside. Remove the cover and fit the magnet into the wall. You can wrap it in tape or give it a plastic cover. Put the cover back on and now you can use it as a key holder.

Barn wood magnetic key holder

Another option is to build a small shelf that doubles as a magnetic key holder. You’ll need two small boards, some wood stain, glue, magnets, a drill and nails. Make a few holes in the bottom board and glue the magnets in. You can use a different number of magnets that varies with the dimensions of the shelf. {found on hawthorneandmain}.

Modern magnetic keyholder

A similar design is also featured on remoeandreplace. Here you can find a detailed tutorial on how to build such an accessory. Follow the steps and feel free to customize the project according to your needs and preferences. The whole project is really simple and the result is a simple-looking accessory which you can mount on one of the walls of your entryway.