Cheap And Practical Necklace Holders You Can Make Yourself

Can’t find a good place to hang your necklace? It’s easy to get these things all tangled up. The best way to avoid that is by using a necklace holder. Don’t worry about finding a good one in stores because there are plenty of simple ways in which to make it yourself. The projects described below are not only very simple but also quite cheap. They each have their own unique charm and their designs can be customized to suit your particular needs and style preferences.


To make a necklace holder similar to the one featured on visiblymoved you’re going to need a piece of driftwood or a flat board and an assortment of cabinet knobs. You can have these painted or decorated however you want. All you have to do is attach the knobs to the wood. You can then hang the finished project on a wall.

Wood plank turned into a jewelry holder

A very similar project was also featured on asmithofalltrades. Just as before, a wood board was used and a few knobs were attached to it. The board was stained and, if you want, you can do that too. Another option is to paint the board. You can make two holes in the ends of the board and run some rope or cord through so you can hang the necklace holder.

Round jewelry holder

Instead of using a wood board, you could basically use any piece of wood, regardless of its shape. Even a round one could be great. In fact, that’s exactly what you’ll need if you want to make a necklace holder similar to the one on lovepeoplelikethings. Take the wood and stretch some fabric around it. Staple it in place. You could put on a layer of batting first. Remember to drill holes in the wood before stapling the fabric on it. Then add the knobs.

Writing canvas necklace organizer

On monsterscircus you’ll find an idea for a very sculptural and interesting-looking necklace holder. It was made using wood dowels, cable strips and spray paint. After cutting the dowels to different lengths, wrap zip tied around then and create any shape you want. You can use your imagination for this part. When you’re happy with the way it turned out, paint the whole thing.

Mountain wood necklace display

Another very simple design for a necklace holder can be found on themerrythought. The ones featured here were made using a wood board, a saw, some sandpaper, a drill, wood pegs and wood glue. Draw a triangle on the wood board and then cut along the lines. Sand the edges. Mark where you want the peg supports to go at the back of the triangle and drill holes. Glue the pegs in place.

diy jewelry holder crafts how to organizing

A simple, cheap and easy to make design great not just for necklaces but for jewelry in general can be found on hometalk. It all starts with a spare piece of wood which is spray painted. Then a ruler is used to mark even spaced and small hooks are added in those spots. You can have these spray painted as well. After you screw the hooks in place you just have to find a good place to hang your new jewelry holder.

Arrow jewelry holder

The arrow-shaped necklace holder featured on lemonademakingmama is extremely easy to make. You’ll need a wood dowel, a thin strip of wood, scissors and some hooks. Make small grooves in the ends of the dowel and attach a small triangle and the V-shaped piece to make it look like an arrow. Then screw the hooks into the dowel. Make sure they are evenly spaces. You can also paint the dowel if you want.{found on lemonademakinmama}.

Gold branch sprayed for jewelry holder

Isn’t this tree-shaped jewelry holder just wonderful? That’s actually something you could do yourself. You just have to find a tree branch that has an interesting shape and a lot of smaller branches so it looks like a small tree. Have it spray painted gold and then place it inside a vase or a container.{found on etsy}.

Writing canvas necklace organizer

The canvas necklace holder featured on melissacreates is quite interesting as well. To make a similar one you’ll need canvas, a gold marker, a pencil, an eraser and some fancy tacks. Mark lines across the canvas with a pencil and then highlight the design with the marker. Erase the pencil lines. You can then add the tacks and display your creation on a wall.