Charming Oceanfront Decor

Ahhh, the ocean. It’s so impressive and inspiring and soothing, all at once. The colors, the smells, the sounds, the light. I can’t imagine any reason why a person wouldn’t want to bring at least a part of the ocean into their lives via their home décor, whether they live 1 minute from the beach or 100 miles.

Ocean front view

Whether or not you feel the same way about inviting the beach life into your own home, here are some photos that do just that, which will hopefully inspire you at some level:

Bedroom ocean view

Ocean view porch

One option, always, to decorate with respect to the ocean is to keep things as simple as possible so as to not compete with Mother Nature’s breathtaking display. I think the minimalism of this window setting is inviting, quaint, and a fabulous homage to the water views. A simple bright throw, candle, and some cheerful flowers in a vase add color to the white scene; other than that, however, little is needed for someone to want to curl up and enjoy the afternoon in those very chairs.

The Decorologist1

Kitchen wall plates

Choose colors from the sea. Pale bluey-greens are refreshing when paired with natural elements, like wood floors and woven baskets. The colors can be found in furniture itself or as accents – either way, the look is fresh and sea-worthy. I love the pale turquoise here paired with the dark wood railing and stairs, elements that help to ground the space overall and keep things “real.”

Paint walls ocean shades

Rattan chairs for bedroom

Choose textures from the waterfront. Wicker and/or rattan furniture put off an immediate coastal vibe. Juxtaposing a shiny glass tabletop with woven chairs is a fantastic play off of what one would actually find on the beach. Varied sheens from the leather ottomans, polished wood, and linens run the whole seaside gamut, from shells to sunlight bouncing off the waves. This space is an excellent balance of all things coastal.

Framed sea

If you’ve ever strolled the beach at any point in your life, chances are you’ve picked up some remnant of the oceanfront and carried it home. Once home, however, the item often loses itself as you realize you have nowhere to put it, nothing for it to, you know, do. Steal this charming idea and mount the item(s) in a double-pane glass frame or a shadow box. The keepsakes can be displayed for all to see and appreciate them, and they’ll become even more of a treasure over time.

Beach themed

Beach themed coffee table

Although this space certainly contains remnants of the sea (like the large shells on display in the fireplace-flanking built-ins), the coastal vibe here is a little more subtle. A pale color palette with warm whites and greys immediately washes over us, aesthetically speaking, and calms whoever enters here. A large weather-worn wooden coffee table on a jute rug add in textural elements reminiscent of driftwood on the beach. I love the soothing warmth of this coastal style.

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