Charming Nordic White Apartment Interior Design

When you first look at this house and its beautiful interior you get the feeling that you’re in a home from the Hamptons. It looks chic and stylish, open and airy and you expect to see views of the ocean when you look out the window. But on a closer inspection you realize that this is actually a very small home and the views outside and not nearly what you expected.

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That’s because this place is not located in the Hamptons but in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a small house that has a total floor area of 65 square meters. The interior design is simple and tasteful. Most of the décor is white. This main color was used for the walls and ceilings throughout the house, as well as for most of the furniture. This makes the décor seem airy and open and makes the room seem larger.

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The white elements are beautifully complemented by the wooden floors which are stained in a dark finish. The contrast becomes immediately apparent and this creates a beautiful base to work on. As for the rest of the décor, it’s a very chic combination of simple and elegant. There are no opulent features and the accent features are subtle and stylish.

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What’s interesting about this place is the fact that, despite the white décor, the atmosphere and the rooms don’t feel cold and uninviting. In fact, they’re very pleasant and welcoming. That’s partially due to the wooden floors that add warmth and color to the décor. But it’s also because of the furniture. For example, in the kitchen, even though the cabinets are white, they’re made of wood and have a nice texture. In the case of the other rooms, the warm atmosphere comes from the smooth shapes and delicate lines that have been used throughout the décor.{found on Stadshem}.