Charming Mirrored Acrylic Lamp by Jonas Loenborg

Mirror is an indispensable accessory from any lady’s purse. Ladies are addicted to their exterior aspect and they want to have under control this aspect all the time. They are careful to everything that happens to their face and each time they think something is wrong they check it using their precious mirror. Of course, there are exceptions too because not all the women are the same.

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If women love mirrors then a mirrored object can become more appreciated in their house. These types of objects imply the idea of reflection, the way the surrounding objects reflect into the mirrored surface and they usually create a nice atmosphere.

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Take for example this charming Mirrored Acrylic Lamp by Jonas Loenborg. It is called Mini Pinecone and is a gorgeous pendant lamp that will become the focal point of any space. It has an elegant and bright design which will make you love it from the first sight.

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Mini Pinecone is made of 152 parts, has the widest point of 30cm and a height of 40 cm.If you love just its design you may know that Mini Pinecone has other variants which probably can satisfy your tastes in case the mirrored variant does not seem so attractive to you.