Old House Regains Its Charm After An Artistic Renovation

The story of this home now known as the House of the Postmaster is definitely an interesting and charming one. It all started back in 1955 when the client inherited the house from her uncle who was at that time the head of the post office in Matraszentimre in Hungary. Then, recently, the client went to KissMiklos, an architecture, interior and graphic design firm established by designer and visual artist Miklos Kiss.

living room patterned rugs and worn finishesView in gallery

The designer likes to add an artistic twist to any project, the aesthetic quality being important throughout the process. In this case, because the original furniture didn’t survive the passage of time, the solution was to recreate the original atmosphere using similar furniture and everyday objects and accessories from the post office.

living room vintage furniture and tripod floor lampView in gallery

The 150 square meter house is now full of custom furniture and furniture made from recycled and reused pieces. In addition, the designer also added a unique twist to every area by incorporating everyday objects that have been redefined and upcycled to gain new functions.

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This is a project where modern architecture meets a series of old elements and the combination gives the house a unique look and ambiance similar to a mountain house.

entryway dark green lockerView in gallery

As soon as you enter the house it becomes apparent that this is a special place. The entryway features a large green post office locker which stands out and establishes an interesting color palette for the whole place.

symmetrical design in the kitchenView in gallery

Step into the living room to find a welcoming ambiance with an eclectic décor. The same dark green can be seen on the vintage leather sofa and matching armchairs while other pieces of furniture both both clean, modern lines and rustic, worn finishes coexist in harmony.

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Features such as a barn door, a wooden tripod floor lamp and a set of patterned area rugs establish an interior décor that uses a combination of colors, textures and styles to feel cozy and welcoming.

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The same symphony of styles and influences also defines the kitchen and dining room area. In here you’ll find very simple and basic furniture, open shelves and an overall symmetrical décor. It’s the type of brute beauty that defines both modern and vintage decors. Simple and practical materials and finishes offer the space an inviting look that’s also very practical.

strainer pendant light in the kitchenView in gallery

vintage spoons repurposed as door pullsView in gallery

An interesting detail that speaks for the designer’s creativity is the fact that vintage spoons were repurposed as door pulls for the kitchen cabinets. The strainer light fixtures are quite similar in this sense as well.

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staircase walls seen from the master bedroomView in gallery

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Two of the house’s sleeping areas are connected by a rather unusual staircase. The master bedroom is a quite spacious area where a custom platform bed takes center stage. The décor is kept simple, with beautiful wood flooring, comfy area rugs and small framed pictures on the wall.

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staircase seen from the upper roomView in gallery

attic bedroom area rugs and accent furniture

The staircase leads up to a cozy attic bedroom. The same simplicity seen downstairs also defines this area, this time emphasized by the white walls and overall neutral color palette. Two single beds are placed on either side of the room and a shared nightstand stands in between them. On it, two vintage watering cans were transformed into planters and table lamps.

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two single beds in the atticView in gallery

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A third bedroom is situated across from the first one, on the other side of the dining area. It has the same type of platform bed, framed wall photos and simple and cozy décor. An interesting feature is the series of adjustable lamps mounted on one of the ceiling beams.

second bedroom ladder leading to the atticView in gallery

Second bedroom with colored area rugView in gallery

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