Change A Room By Changing The Curtains: Ideas & Inspiration

A simple switch of curtains has the power to completely transform a room. You may not think window dressings are as important as which sofa to boy or what color to paint the walls, but we can’t stress enough at how important they truly are. Windows are focal points to any and every room. So, it’s necessary for your to make the window fit the theme, vision and feel of what you’d like the space to say. Check out how these curtains make each of these rooms sing with style.

1. Modern.


Even curtains can add a modern, architectural appeal. These black and white, thickly striped curtains add chicness and sophisticated to a very simple dining room. You’d be surprised how much a curtain can not only adorn the window but serve as a piece of art as well. Other simple, geometric prints can do the same job including: circles, squares and triangles.

2. Eclectic.


Without these mustard-printed curtains, this room could be just another living room. But the combination of the black and white rug, the blue sofa and the curtains create a beautiful, playful space that’s different and unique. Try this out in any room that you want to have a bit of edge and eclecticism. Use funky patterns, bold colors and fun fabrics.

3. Dramatic.


Use extra length and voluminous fabrics for a bolder, dramatic style. Use in rooms with bigger windows or areas where you need a bit more punch. This is a great look for Victorian-inspired spaces or modern, contemporary looks. It’s a rich, luxurious feel that makes a big statement.



Without these wonderful, ruffled curtains this bedroom would be just like any other; simple, tidy and with an adorable bed. But the curtains give texture. The curtains give femininity. The curtains bring just enough extra life to the room to finish off the space. Remember that when you’re picking out curtain. Even the windows can hold a piece of your personality.

5. Classic.


These light and ethereal curtains give just enough life and breathiness to this dining room to make it a classic beauty. If the windows were bare, it’d be a boring almost hotel-esque styled room. Not to say having your home looking like a hotel is a bad decision, but there’s an element of warmth missing when you decide to go that route. With these flowing pieces, the room is classic yet touchable.

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