Challenging Project in Brazil-The Carapicuiba House

Finding the perfect site to build a house is not an easy task, but if you have imagination you can create something beautiful anywhere. This next house located in Carapicuiba, Brazil is such an example. Designed by Angelo Bucci and Alvaro Puntoni, the house is siting on a very pretentious plot, better said in its depression.

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The building is designed to incorporate both the house and office. Although they share the same site, they are two individual spaces, and this is achieved with different levels of the house. It is made up of some kind of “pilotis” with two separate areas, one on the ground, close to the street and the other is aerial. These two are connected by a steel grid bridge.

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The office level is located upstairs and it resembles a tube. In order to help the owners benefit from a full view, glass was a main material in the house’s construction. Moreover, it seems as if the spaces are integrated with the woods, valley, gardens and pools.

The Carapicuiba House surprises with its location and stuns with its style.