Unusual Chair Designs With Interactive Seats

Nobody really expects the seat to move or to interact with the user in any way when sitting on a chair or a stool. It’s because they offer this unexpected feature that we find these particular models so unusual and interesting. They all have seats that can change shape when they come in contact with the user. Some use unusual materials or forms in order to be able to do this. This interactive nature makes the designs stand out adding a new dimension to their charm.

Chiquita Stool by Kenneth Cobonpue
Chiquita Stool by Kenneth Cobonpue Design

Let’s be honest, this doesn’t look like a comfortable piece of furniture. Those vertical rattan poles that make up the seat don’t really promise a great experience. However, you’re in for a surprise. The poles recede into the seat as soon as you sit down. This ensures a pleasant experience, more comfortable than initially expected. The stool is called Ciquita and is designed by Kenneth Cobonpue. An armchair version with backrest is also available.

Wolf and Maiden- Simons Stool – Cork
Cork Seat for Chair

Simon’s stool by Wolf & Maiden has a seat made of champagne corks. The design is definitely unusual even though this isn’t the only interesting way of repurposing corks. The design of the stool is based on traditional South African elements which have been integrated into an ultimately modern creation. The corks are arranged in a grid which takes the shape of the user’s body taking advantage of the material’s flexibility.

Annie Evelyn Chair
Chair from Annie Evelyn

Known for her passion for tactile furniture and interesting geometric designs made of unusual materials, Annie Evelyn came up with the eye-catching piece named Scotty. It’s a chair made of reclaimed cypress wood. As you can see, the seat has a geometric design and is made of small pieces that perfectly complement each other like in a puzzle. As the user sits down, the seat starts to modify its structure in order to adapt for the position and body shape. The result is a comfortable and enjoyable seating experience.

chopstick chair stool design
chopstick chair stool seat

Would you sit on a bunch of chopsticks? Probably not but you might want to reconsider that when you see this stool designed by Jason Dembski and Ryan Horsman. They created the stool out of repurposed steamer trays and chopsticks, both symbolic for the Chinese culture. Each stool is made of six repurposed trays stacked one on top of the other. The interior is filled with disposable chopsticks that stand on a foam cushion which gives them flexibility.

Design Spring Wood by Carolien Laro

The flexibility of the SpringWood stools is given by the unusual design of the seat. They were designed by Carolien Laro and they have a solid wood frame and wheels which makes them easy to move around for added flexibility. The series also include stools without casters or with folding metal frames plus a three-seater bench with a similar design. The innovative part is the fact that the seat has thin slits which allows it to expand slightly in a way similar to an accordion.

Holly Bradshaw-Clegg
Holly Bradshaw-Clegg Chair and Lamp Design

Named Pascal, this quirky stool was designed by Holly Bradshaw Clegg and has a really interesting look. First of all, you can immediately see that the stool has a built-in reading light that hangs above it and is supported by a metal rod. But what’s really interesting is the way in which you turn on the light. The lamp is activated when pressure is applied to the seat. In order words, it detects when you sit down and it turns on automatically. That’s a pretty cool feature, definitely worth considering for your cozy reading corner. The seat itself is a bit unusual as well, being made of layered foam and laminated pine rods which can be easily removed and reorganized.