Ceramic Vases by Erinn V. Maison

Vases are usually used for storing fresh flowers, but when they are empty they can also be used for decorative purposes,too. Of course, the vase will have to be really beautiful and to look special in order to draw attention, but I think these Ceramic Vases by Erinn V. Maison are great, so I give them as perfect examples. What is really cool and modern about these vases is the fact that they combine an ancient habit of modelling clay and then burning it in order to last, thus realizing beautiful and useful tableware, with the modern design and shape.

Set of 3 Ceramic Mod Vases 01Their most special feature is the faceted design on the outside, the geometric design that makes every vase look like it is made of wax from a bee hive, with all these hexagonal patterns. The three vases in this set have different shapes and sizes (7Dx13H; 9Dx6H; 9Dx16H ), but they all share the same unusual design, which is after all their distinctive mark. The vases are designed by Erinn V. Maison and they can  be admired and even purchased directly on the designer’s web site. If you like the set and would love to have it, you can now purchase it for a new, reduced price of $156.