Ceramic Ladybug Teapot

Just look at these things… They are so cute! Who wouldn’t like a ladybug? They are such delicate and colorful, absolutely adorable creatures. So why not include them in our houses? This matching sweet set would be a great addition to any tabletop or kitchen counter, whether in use or displayed as a decorative piece. You just can’t look at them and not smile. Your kitchen would instantly become a more fun and colorful room.

Ladybug tableware funny

This cute set is composed of a teapot, cookie jar and salt and pepper shakers. But what makes them unique is the fact that they are hand- painted on raised ceramic, plus the vibrant colors really make them pop. The salt and pepper shaker set is just the sweetest thing, measuring 3 ½ inches high. Seeing these cute ladybugs in your kitchen would absolutely put a smile on your face. It’s going to seem like a neverending spring in your home. A kitchen is just not complete without at least a salt and pepper shaker, so why not choose something fun and colorful like this set?