Ceramic floral tiles by Lafabbrica Spa

Ever since James Cameron has finished his masterpiece called “Avatar” all the people have heard of 3D images. Well, this is cinema and movie world, but the 3D effect can be obtained in your home by simply choosing the right decorations or things to make your home look better. For example this extraordinary ceramic floral tiles that is manufactured by Lafabbrica Spa in Italy makes this 3D effect appear when we look at it by simply alternating relief flowers with holes in the shape of flowers – all of them on the same bathroom tile wall.

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The effect is even more impressive if you have a bigger bathroom, but it works just fine in smaller bathrooms, too. There are, of course, different colors available, but I find this one the best choice. It is light enough to make the room larger and also suggest cleanliness, which is pretty important in the bathroom. Then it is perfect for the floral model and is also perfect for either a man or a woman or for both.


The tiles are made of porcelain and have impeccable quality, having just 4 mm in thickness. You can find out more if you visit the official web site of the manufacturer.