Ceramic dog-shaped speakers

Dog lovers, prepare to see something unique and very exclusive. It’s the new creation designed by Matteo Cibic and it’s called Hi-Fido. It’s an unusual audio speaker made from ceramic and shaped like a dog. The combination is unusual but successful. The ceramic diffuses high quality sound with a bass reflex system and the dog shape,well, that’s just funny.

HI FIDO speakers

Animal lovers sometimes tend to go a little crazy and to purchase more than the animal they like. So a dog lover will usually have more than a dog; he will also have other dog-inspired elements. The cat lovers… I don’t even want to start talking about that. Anyway, I find this new design very attractive and funny and not just for the dog owners.

Unfortunately, these speakers are only available in extremely limited quantities: a total50 items and only 10 of them are available in the U.S. They have been released in April this year. I don’t have any information on the price of these speakers, but given their very limited number, it’s probably going to be in inverse ratio to this one. This is a big minus for this design. I don’t understand this kind of people. If they have a great idea like this one and the result is so funny and beautiful, I don’t see why they refuse to make more people happy. Anyway, c’est la vie.