Ceramic Barrel Beverage Dispenser

I will celebrate my birthday in a few days and, as usual, since it is in the middle of summer, I prefer organizing a party outdoors. So it is either a large barbecue with all the family members and close friends or a garden party that gathers all the dear ones. Well, since it is hot and we all want something cold to drink, I thought it would be a good idea to serve the cold drinks in an original way this time: using the Ceramic Barrel Beverage Dispenser. First of all the dispenser looks really cool and is shaped like a giant white jug.

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Then it is very handy since you place it on the bar and everybody will come and get the exact amount of beverage that they want and this way you will not get tired by asking your guests one by one if they want some of your fresh sangria and how much of it they desire. It is a very elegant and nice solution and it brings an air of ingenuity to any outdoor party. The spigot allows you to handle the device in a nice way and the glass lid lets you see if there still is some lemonade inside. I must tell you this item is also available in lemon yellow and lime green and can be purchsed for $24.99 from Classic Hostess.