Centrofarm headquarter in Bucharest

Centrofarm is an important company that operates a pharmacy chain in Romania. The new headquarter of the company is now located on the 8th floor in the Nusco Tower, a building housing several office spaces in Pipera, Bucharest, Romania. They moved here in October 2010. Before they chose this new location, the old headquarter was located in Calea Plevnei and the offices were spread on several levels.

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The major advantage that the new headquarter offer is that all the offices and thus all the employees now work on a single level. This facilitates communication and decision taking, as well as the coordination. The majority of the employees are happier with the new location, even though it’s more difficult to get to work for those living in South.

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Nusco Tower is one of the most modern and safe buildings in Bucharest. The rent varies between 15 and 17 euros per sq meter. The company also has 20 reserved parking spaces. Besides Centrofarm, other companies that have the headquarter in the same building would be Volksbank, Raiffeisen Leasing, Oracle and Bayer. Centrofarm has a total of 500 employees working for the company.

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Obviously, not all of them work here. Centrofarm is the oldest pharmaceutical brand in Romania and it currently owns 63 units, Besides the pharmacy chain, there’s also another chain called Plafar with 22 units all over the country and a total of 120 employees.{found on wall-street}