Centrino Tables by Massimo Imparato

The living room is often the center of a house or apartment. Although each living room is unique, they all share the same scheme in terms of interior décor. The sofa or sofas are the crucial pieces of furniture in this room but, even so, it’s a the table that unifies everything and gives the whole room décor character. The coffee table is the glue that holds everything else together and without the room would seem empty regardless of how much furniture it has in it. As a result, it’s almost imperative to choose a table that has an impressive design.

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The Centrino Table would definitely be a wonderful choice for almost any type of décor. It’s elegant and sophisticated and yet it’s simple enough to not look overwhelming. Designed by Massimo Imparato, the table impresses with its modern beauty. It has a creative design. The top of the table is a collection of flat circular pieces that are put together like a puzzle. The flat spheres form a shape that resembles a tree. In fact, the whole table was designed to resemble a tree.

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The round circular base is the trunk of the tree and the small circular shapes from the top symbolize the leaves. It’s a modern and abstract approach and if you use your imagination, the table looks like a tree seen from above. The table is made of steel. The small rings were cut with laser and juxtaposed in an apparently random pattern.

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Posted in Design And Concept on May 3, 2009

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