Central Pasila Tower Area by Cino Zuchi Architetti

In Helsinki, Finland, a new architecture project was introduced in creating a new living city landmark. The main idea of such project is to bring the idea of urban environment quality and the sustainability issue together into one. It is the project of building the Central Pasila Tower Area as the landmark for the city Helsinki. Bringing both “Buro Happold London” and “One Works” together, the famous architect Cino Zucchi Architetti from Italian has given this project to design such incredible landmark.

While building the Central Pasila Tower Area, the lines of transportation of the region has been put into consideration, which it is the endpoint for the complicated line of transportation network in Helsinki that basically connecting the whole region.

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Together in the plan, there will also be a new sequence of public spaces being built, which will also be expected to become a lively space for many shops and cafes. There indeed will be many of the landscapes that are preserving the natural landscape to be consumed. The project for Central Pasila Tower Area will indeed become a magnificent landmark for Finland.

Indeed the main project will also focus on sustaining the major lines of transportation networks and maintaining its urban environment. Anyways, the approved plan for such masterpiece will be reclaiming the area from the yard that is for the old railway.