Central Embassy by AL_A

The construction of central embassy building is scheduled to start in February 2011. The amazing building will be situated near Bangkok’s commercial area – Ploenchit Road. Encompassing 1.5 million square feet, the seven story building shall merge 5 star hotel of 30 story with a luxury podium with 7 story in a twisted shape. Traditional Thai patterns and motif will be embedded in aluminum tiles to impart the building with an impressive dramatic effect. Natural sun light will be allowed to enter the interiors and highlight the other elements of the sunning building.

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This is a real architectural beauty. The structure is absolutely mind blowing. It’s obviously the most interesting and strange structure in that area, and from all over the world. At least, this is how it would be when it’s going to be finished. Hopefully it’s going to look as good as in these images. It’s obviously going to be a difficult and long process to build this structure, but important things take time.

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It’s going to be an amazing structure. The interior is going to maintain the same impressive lines. It’ s a futuristic idea and a very audacious project. I can’t wait to see the results. It’s a rare opportunity to see something so majestic and impressive. Even if it’s just a project, it’s still amazing.{found on archdaily}