Ceiling mounted lights from Studio Italia Design

Lighting is very important for every house and each person chooses the right kind of lighting for them. I personally stay away from floor lighting because I have two small children and this is a real hazard for them. So I prefer ceiling mounted lighting. Not to mention the fact that if the light comes from the ceiling it has the opportunity to cover more space. Any way, I found some very interesting models of ceiling mounted lighting from Studio Italia Design. They are all very modern and nice and you can order them in the online store.

All these lamps are very beautiful and they are all made of hand blown glass that is colored or white like the milk, that is spreading diffuse light. The design is very modern and nice, many of the models having geometric shapes. Normally the metal frame that supports the glass is made of chrome or nickel and in some cases the lamps have some very delicate adornments made of Murano glass (Lace model).

Even the names of the lamp models are beautiful and musical, sounding Italian and looking magnificent: Clessidra (meaning hourglass), Paraluce, Tris, Kapp, Lace and so on. They look more like works of art than lighting devices to me.