CedarWorks Rhapsody Bed for Kids

Children love to play and the best thing you can do for them is to arrange their room so that they can play all day long, even when they are about to fall asleep or have just woken up. So if you want to encourage your kid or kids to sleep alone in their room, you can get them one of these wonderful pieces of furniture or more like furniture sets called CedarWorks Rhapsody Bed for Kids. It is actually a combination between a bunk bed and a playground for indoors. The set is made by CedarWorks and consists of a bed with a playground underneath and a short slide from the upper part of the bed. It is fun and cute and kids will love it.

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The whole thing is specially designed for kids, so that they can enjoy playing there safely and loving it, so it is designed with appropriate and high quality materials. The furniture is made of solid hardwoods and Baltic birch laminated panels. Everything is carefully assembles and the manufacturer did not use harmful paints. The bed is on the upper side, but it perfectly secured by wooden panels and the slide has a safe sliding angle. Everything is Earth friendly and does not contain plastic, offering the best choice for your kids room. The item is available now for $2,235.