Cedar Root Wall Sconce

I admire artists very much because they see things around them in a different way than we do. Where I look around and see just some dry wood lying on the beach an artist will see an endless number of possibilities of using that piece of wood for I don’t know what interesting and unusual work of art. Let’s take Roy Gumpel from Woodstock, New York, United States. He is an extremely imaginative designer and is able to see things beyond their appearance. So he realized he had a special gift and decided to make lighting devices like wall sconces … out of wood. And not just any kind of wood, but bit of contorted dry wood from the beach or in the forest.

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All the pieces of wood gathered are carefully cleaned and dried and after that wired so as to turn into beautiful and unusual lamps for the wall or for the table. They will have an interesting look and also cast a gentle romantic light around. They are very special because every single lamp is unique and you can use them to create a surreal atmosphere inside a bar or restaurant or even in your living room. You can buy the piece you see here (which is made of cedar roots) for $210.