Cavo Tagoo Hotel in Mykonos island of Greece

Soon, summer will arrive, so I think it’s time for you to make some vacation plans. According to your budget and your preferences, you can choose between going to the mountains, where is nice and cool, or to visit the sea and enjoy the  sun, sand and crystal-clear water. Built into a cliff, Cavo Tagoo is a multi-pooled luxurious hotel, located just a few minutes from Mykonos Town in the Aegean Islands, Greece. This amazing location facing the beautiful view of the ocean is built on a cliff with local materials like wood, stone and natural fibers.

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Inside, the hotel focuses on having a simple, elegant place for visitors to rest and enjoy silence. Most of the rooms are painted in white, so they create a fresh, clean and breezy space. Through the windows, the visitors have the pleasure of enjoying a magnificent blue view that match perfectly the elegant furniture in blue tones from the bedrooms. Hotel staff can also serve clients with fine drinks from the winery, because they have a wide variety of wines.

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An interior swimming pool is emphasized by some beautiful, shiny decorations, including an amazing chandelier which sits just above it. But the hotel’s purpose is to attract visitors by offering unforgettable moments outside the building, in spaces with more light and water.

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So, every single room individually designed and decorated in subtle blue, rose or fuchsia tones has its own private infinite pool facing the sea side, creating the illusion of a continuous water area. For those who want to spend time and have a drink with friends, there is also a terrace at the lowest floor of the hotel, a romantic place during evenings, and an entertaining one in daytime.