As the “heart of the home,” the kitchen is certainly where it’s at – and Homedit definitely wants your heart to be happy with your kitchen design! That’s why we’ve written so many kitchen-related articles, each containing clear photos that depict a delightful and inspiring variety of kitchen spaces, sizes, and styles. May as well make yourself comfortable…once you start browsing, you won’t want to leave.

Matrix Kitchen from Poliform Full story

Posted in Kitchen | by Stefan, on January 12, 2009

Matrix Kitchen from Poliform

We usually stay in our place for almost half of our whole day, and our home is a place where we take rest after a day of work. But if your home doesn’t have the appeal of having the comfort that an individual looks for, they may feel more stress staying on their home. It...

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36e8 Italian kitchen with Retro Shades Full story

Posted in Kitchen | by Stefan, on December 12, 2008

36e8 Italian kitchen with Retro Shades

This is not a strange kitchen like hear name 36e8. It is just a Futuristic Italian kitchen with Retro Shades designed by Daniele Lago.The kitchen is designed in typical Italian style with plenty of bright shades, lots of glossy finishes and yet very modern and minimalistic approach towards the shelves and the space available.The 36e8...

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