It's almost impossible to resist the mesmerizing fluidity of a curved back sofa, the sumptuous appeal of a velvet Tufted Wingback Chair or the timeless elegance of the Eames Lounge and Ottoman. The furniture section is a must-read. It's where you'll find a variety of furniture designs, styles, finishes and colors, all highlighting the best in our selection of inspiration.

Wall-mount Fireplace from Arkiane Full story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on December 12, 2008

Wall-mount Fireplace from Arkiane

Everybody loves fireplaces because they give you a feeling of home and welcoming, of friendly atmosphere and cold winter nights spend next to your grandma listening to fairy tales. Well, the modern fireplace does not look anything like the old-fashioned brick made and wall built fireplace we used to know, but you can choose a...

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Fiammella decorative heater with vertical flame Full story

Posted in Furniture | by Stefan, on November 11, 2008

Fiammella decorative heater with vertical flame

Winter is here and to keep the chill at bay, we all need a nice heater. Designed and crafted in Belgium, this heater employs an atmospheric burner with a TYPE C, water-tight, combustion chamber that is completely isolated from the surrounding environment. Produced to run on Methane, the heater can be converted to GPL (G30/G31),...

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