Catacaos chair by Otero

Normally when you hear the word “chair” you pretty much know what to expect. Well, not with this chair, as you can’t possibly be creative enough to imagine what the Catacaos chair looks like. It has an original part made of flexible plastic material but also by its design, the chair Catacaos designed by Peruvian designer Frederico Otero, takes a different view of the back of the chair. The tapes reveal a separate wave motion, which comes back to its original design after it was pressed under the weight of its user.


These plastic pieces look like the petals of a flower and are somewhat concentrical even if they are not round, but rather like a teardrop shape. The smaller one is on the inside and the exterior ones are larger and larger. Because the material is so elastic you can easily sit on the chair and feel comfortable, but immediately after you have left, the “petals” will come back to their shape. It’s the resistance of the material that does not leave you touch the chair frame with your back and feel a hard surface, but you only feel the elastic band.

The range colour of the “backrest” bands makes this chair even more conspicuous and it gets really interesting when you realize this plastic is actually transparent.